About Me

First of all welcome to BB detailing and thanks for taking the time to explore my website.

A bit about me…

After spending 11 years working for The AA, I was offered redundancy, and ultimately the opportunity to follow my hobby and passion of detailing.

The impact of the coronavirus and the lockdown really gave me the opportunity to finesse my detailing and valeting skills. After building a small client base made up of friends and family I was questioned by a client asking me why I don’t work in the industry full time and professionally. I was surprised to think that my car cleaning could really be at the standard expected for the general public. After a few training courses it was quickly confirmed that what I had learned over the years as a weekend warrior was absolutely as good as the best in the game.

A few specific training courses later and my social media pages started to grow, along with my client list, my equipment, my self belief and my business drive.

So here we are, after leaving a safe full time employment with a long standing company, I took the big step to become self employed.

What’s important to me…

After working for a big company and following their values I’ve learnt there are some things that are really important, and my business will be built around these key elements:

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